What does Lip Blushing mean?

Beauty lovers are often attracted to fuller lips for how they look. So, lip blushing is the way to get your lips done. Lip shading is a new fashion trend where people can get lip injections and fillers. It used to be kept secret, but now it’s popular and accessible to everyone.

Using lip shading techniques can make your lips look more attractive by highlighting their shape. Lip blushing is a cosmetic process that enhances the appearance of your lips by making them appears fuller as a semi-permanent option.

Lip Shading

Lip shading

Lip shading makes the lips look very natural and it’s hard not to like it. We use a tool with needles on it to get the job done. These are used to put pigment into the top layer of the lips. But, it also depends on things you do like smoking, using facial products, being out in the sun, and other things like that.

Lip Shading

Before getting lip shading done, there are some things you need to think about first. First, make sure the technician is skilled and has up-to-date equipment. Nowadays, tools used for cosmetic tattoos use technology and are designed to be not harsh on the skin.

The pigment is important too. In the past, people used carbon-based pigment for lip shadingto make the color more bold and long-lasting. Carbon may lead to an undesirable skin tone revealed by researchers that differs from the intended appearance. Nowadays, we have better pigments made from natural, high-quality materials and recommended to use.

How long will it last?

A lot of people like lip blushes because they have benefits that last a long time. This treatment might go on for 2 to 3 years. But, there is one important thing to remember which is taking care of your lips after getting the treatment. The way you live can affect how long your lip blush lasts. If someone smokes or spends too much time in the sun, they may notice their lip color fading faster than they expected.

A skin expert will put a cream on your skin so the treatment doesn’t bother you too much. The client is attentive and aware of their desired outcome from the therapy.

The process of lip shading treatment doesn’t take long, which is interesting. The process takes about an hour or an hour and a half while The client needs to take care of their lips after the treatment to let them heal completely.

Lip Shading


It’s recommended to do the touch-up by the technician who performed the treatment, to make it lasts as long as 2 to 3 years.

What occurs as time passes?

As soon as your lips are treated, they start to heal. This healing process will continue for a few days. But, there are things that will happen later like Scabbing. This means that the skin is peeling off and becoming dry and flaky. We advise not to pick or peel them off because it can make them worse and cause cuts or infections. Sometimes, you might see colors that don’t fit with what was supposed to be there. But don’t worry if a professional did the treatment, your skin might just need some time to adjust to the new color. In a few days, the color will become the shade you wanted after your treatment.

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